Following PHE and the Government advice, if your child has a temperature or a new persistant cough, they need to self isolate for 7 days to reduce the spread of infection to other children and staff members. 

If parents are displaying these symptoms, ask someone else to drop off or collect your child from pre-school, please do not put staff or other parents at risk of infection.

Keep us inform of your child's symptoms.  


Little Lambs Pre-School ensures that children are cared for in a healthy and hygienic environment. 


A child who is unwell will not be able to attend the Pre-School.  In the event of a child becoming unwell during the session, every effort will be made to contact the parent / carer.

  • If a child has a temperature, diarrhoea or sickness prior to coming to Little Lambs they should stay at home for at least 48 hours or until the illness has passed.  Illnesses spread very quickly among young children and it is unfair on others to bring your child in.  If you are in doubt about your child’s wellbeing – speak to a member of staff. 

  • If a child is in need of Paracetamol products they should not attend

  • If a child has been prescribed anti-biotics from the GP, they can return to pre-school 48 hours after starting them.

  • If your child is ill, please call to tell us as we have to inform the Health Protection Agency of specific illnesses so they can monitor outbreaks




If a child needs to be given medication (either long or short term) while at Little Lambs Pre-School, parents are required to give prior written instructions, stating signs and symptoms to look for, how much to give and when to give it. Parents will be informed each time medicine has been administered on a Medical Needs form.


If Life Saving medication needs to be administered (e.g. insulin adrenaline injections or nebulisers) suitable training will be essential and further advice will be sought from our Insurance Company.

Allergies are noted in the child’s learning journey and all staff made aware.

Anti-biotics and Paracetamol products will not be administered.  Staff must be informed of any medication given prior to coming to Pre-School.    


September 2017