Arrival - Monday - Friday  8.30am or 9.30am 

Home time - Monday - Friday 1.15pm  Monday - Thursday 1.15pm, 3pm or 4pm

A Register of Attendance is taken for both staff and children on arrival and departure. Children are arriving and leaving the premises at various times throughout the day therefore, if your child is due to come in at 8.30am you have until 9am to bring them in, after this time the door will remain locked until 9.30am. Please do not arrive too early as you will be waiting outside regardless of the weather and we do not want to cause a disturbance to the church.

We usually go out to play via Good Shepherd playground, near the start of the session, latecomers will have to wait for our return (10.20-10.30am).

Late children and parents will not be allowed access through Good Shepherd playground unless with the whole group at the beginning of the session.

Children can be collected between 1-1.15pm for morning sessions, 2.45 -3pm or before 4pm on full days as agreed according to allocated sessions. During these times the door is supervised. Parents and carers are asked to wait in the foyer until the children are released to you by a member of staff. Parents need to come in to collect their child, they will not be passed to waiting parents at the top of the stairs, as this is a potential risk to keeping the children safe. If you would like to change your child’s book or talk to staff about their child’s day, please come 5-10 minutes before their agreed collection time.

Children will only be released to an authorised person aged over 16 years. Prior authorisation must be given by parents / carers. A password must be used for all new collectors; this will be recorded on the Registration Form. Children will not be allowed to leave the Pre- School with an unfamiliar person.

If a parent is under the influence of alcohol or drugs when collecting their child, staff will assess to see if the child is safe to be in the parent’s care. If they are deemed to be unsafe, staff would make contact with another adult on the registration form to come in to collect. If no other person is available to collect, staff would contact Children’s Social Care, who would advise staff on next steps.

We recommend you save our phone number 020 8695 0183 in your phone (if you have one) so you can always contact us if you are running late or to inform us that someone else is collecting.

Children need to be collected promptly at the end of the session. Our Insurance does not permit children to be on the premises before or after the session times.

IMPORTANT: If your child is absent for any reason, you must inform us on the first day, we are required to keep a record of absences. If we do not hear from you by lunch time, we will call you or your emergency contact details to find out why your child is absent.

Please note: Other hall users come in shortly after the pre-school session therefore stress the importance of collecting your children on time!

There is a LATE FEE of £5 for every 5 minutes your child is collected late. Continual lateness could result in your child’s place being withdrawn.


• Staff will ring the parent or carer

• If staff cannot get a response from the parent/carer, they will try other emergency contact numbers stated on the registration form until 1.30pm & 3.15pm or 4.15pm depending on expected time of collection

• After this time, if staff are unable to contact anyone using the emergency contact details, the Police will be contacted and their advice will be followed – this may involve your child being collected and cared for by them until you return


February 2020